Het team

Ian de Swart
Head of BeLux Contract Management

Ian is the Head of BeLux Contract Management

Ian is an all-round person who is best suited to an extensive and varied range of duties.
His goal is having clients and a team that is as satisfied as possible. He is highly driven and he does his work while committing fully. He is passionate about his profession.

+32 (0)471 81 53 15

Ingrid de Wel
BeLux Recruitment Manager

Ingrid is the BeLux Recruitment Manager at HeadFirst

Ingrid is an experienced recruitment specialist who likes to work with people and start and maintain relationships. Ingrid keeps her word, is a go-getter, is committed to people and has a nose for business.

+32 (0) 497 44 60 63

Myranda Dyck
BeLux Business Developer

Myranda is the BeLux Business Developer at HeadFirst

Myranda is a seasoned commercial talent. She has been meeting challenges head-on for 20 years and she is always ready for her clients. Personal customer relationships, teamwork and open communication are key.

+32 476 865760