HeadFirst matches supply and demand and creates the bridge between IT consultants and clients.


Are you looking for a challenging job? HeadFirst offers access to leading clients. HeadFirst Select registration is free from obligation and fast. You can already offer your services with regard to available contracts within five minutes.


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You want to hire expert IT consultants for a competitive rate without having to also worry about risks and the administration. HeadFirst is ready to help you with this.


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Do you need the specialist knowledge of an IT consultant? Or are you looking for a challenging job with a new client? Our recruiters can help you. We match supply and demand personally applying low and transparent margins so that the client pays a fee in line with the market and the consultant is paid a rate that matches market requirements.

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Fixed low margins.


Your own single point of contact.


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Online services with unique tooling.

Contract management

The diversity in risks that presents itself with regard to temporary labour relationships between a client and a consultant is significant. HeadFirst ensures that risks are minimised and will, where required, take them over. To ensure that consultants can excel in their work and clients can use their expertise care-free.